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Radically Wild Photography Puerto Rico Is Paradise Vol. 1

I currently find myself living in the beautiful Paradise that is Puerto Rico. Indeed Puerto Rico is paradise. So much magic everywhere on such a small island. Why I believe everyone should come discover and explore all of this magic as I wrote here. If you do come to Puerto Rico, don’t forget to come …

paradise or landfill
Activism in PR environment

Video: Puerto Rico: Paradise or landfill? This Is Puerto Rico! Which one do you Prefer?

Video: Puerto Rico Paradise or landfill? Which World Do We Prefer

Puerto Rico Paradise or landfill? This question also applies to most of the world. I drive around this beautiful island, visit the beaches and rivers and all I find is trash everywhere.

We have forgotten how this world could really be a paradise. We have to look at the beauty of what it is and  start changing the way we treat this beautiful world around us and how we view it. We have taken heaven and confined it into prison.

Here is a video I made of the beautiful places in Puerto Rico, the one side they show you while hiding the other reality that most people ignore here and that is the landfill that this beautiful world is becoming.

But by no means let this discourage anyone from visiting this beautiful treasure. Because there are so many beautiful treasures on this island to visit.

So with this video I ask, Which world do you prefer?

This is our world! Which do you prefer? Landfill or paradise. Wake up! Please leave comments down below. Please share and subscribe to my monthly newsletter down below!