Why Did I Move From Brooklyn To Puerto Rico

First, I am a soul who doesn’t believe in the concept of countries, race, flags or patriotism. (read why I believe race is irrelevant and shout be evolved here.) With that in mind, I landed, that that is to say, I was born and raised in the concrete jungle of Brooklyn, NY. For the last 8 years, I found myself living in the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. Many people ask why I decided to move to Puerto Rico. In this post I will write why.

why did I move from Brooklyn to Puerto Rico beautiful waterfall in puerto rico
When you see all that Puerto Rico has to offer, you have all the reasons right there.

Living in Hawaii

My journey started in Hawaii. I lived all my life in Brooklyn with the exception of having lived in the islands of Hawaii. Which I lived in for 6 months and where I started my “career” as a bartender on a cruise ship. I would then go back to the Brooklyn and continue my career as a bartender there. At that point, I resumed to being a DJ as well as I was a DJ long before I became a bartender.

When I lived in Hawaii, my mindset was totally different than it is today as I never appreciated or cherished that beauty that was around me. My mind was still stuck in that concrete mold that I conformed to in Brooklyn. So I could say I never truly lived in Hawaii as I took it for granted as I now feel that many of us take this world and the beauty that is life for granted.


But one thing is for sure, I loved the beaches. There is one island that was similar to Hawaii, but on the east side and that was Puerto Rico. Closer and cheaper, a U.S. territory that required no passport , which is one of the bigger reasons I chose PR.) So I would come to Puerto Rico for vacation. I loved the beaches, the nightlife, and of course the weather.

Back in NY, I had a wonderful job making a good amount of money. But I was depressed as I wrote about here. One day I was vacationing in PR, as I sat at a beach and I thought to myself, I could open a beach bar here, where I could be the bartender and also the DJ.

Packing my bags and moving to PR

why did I move from Brooklyn to Puerto Rico beautiful beach in Puerto Rico

So one day I packed my bags and decided to do so without any real plans and very limited Spanish, which for the most part many people would understand and speak English so I could get by. I would look for locations for bars, but eventually I decided against opening a bar and instead focused on being a DJ. I had a successful start to it as I would DJ all around the island, even in the top clubs such as brava.

But then one day something happened. I started to change as I had a shift in consciousness. Awoke to the world with new eyes. I decided that to change the world, I needed to change myself., thus, I have been on this beautiful journey of self-discovery. I started to grow my own food , stopped drinking alcohol as I write about here. Uncovering the layers that I have conformed to. Shedding like snake sheds its skin.

I was making good money being a DJ here. But ever since I quit drinking alcohol, I no longer wanted to be around that or that type of environment. Furthermore, I was dedicating more of my time to spreading awareness for the environment with my many signs. I would also do beach cleanings as I decided to be the guardian of this beautiful paradise. Click here to read about that.

why did I move from Brooklyn to Puerto Rico beautiful river in puerto rico

I awoke to the beauty that I, like many, don’t appreciate or cherish and take for granted. I also awoke to a beauty that was buried deep inside of myself. That was all due to spending most of my time in nature in solitude in many of the beautiful places Puerto Rico has to offer. Suffice to say I went from having a concrete mindset in the concrete jungle to becoming radically wild in finding myself in nature. Which can be read about here.

Now I live a more mindful, compassionate simplistic life, where as before all I lived was a hateful, bitter life, one filled with chasing the materialistic world. Where as now, I am living a more authentic life and could care less about material things. I grew deep connection to nature as I now think that humanity has lost that connection with nature because we have forgotten that we are indeed nature. Click here to read about evolving and finding our true nature.

why did I move from Brooklyn to Puerto Rico tide pool
One of my signs that I carried with me around the beaches and rivers of Puerto Rico to raise awareness to the trash people leave behind . It reads today you leave your garbage, tomorrow your children will play in it

I was about to leave Puerto Rico

I was currently shot in the face for defending a beach from litter. The bullet grazed by my cheekbone, missing my face., which could be read about here.

I was about to move out of Puerto Rico after that, but I decided to stay as I found the farm of my dreams here and would like to work on my goal of creating a forest of food.

Also, I decided to stay because I thought there was so much t fight for here.

That shot was a wake up call for me. I realized before, but after the shot more than ever, I could not keep doing what i have been doing in the beach. Now I opened a new chapter in my life. Working with my hands in a different capacity other than picking up trash.

growing food in Puerto rico
I did not grow plants, they grew me. More on that on another blog. Here I was at a farm in ponce, where I lived for a brief period of time.

Growing food

I now enjoy growing my own food and who would have thought that a brooklyn city boy such as myself with no prior knowledge would be cultivating food. Which I attribute to growing myself as a person as growing food has been a wonderful teacher to me. As I always say I don’t grow plants, the plants have grown me as I have been growing food for the last 7 years. But now with my farm, I will do it in a bigger capacity.

My goal here is to create a forest of food. Click here to read about the vision I share for a more sustainable future.

Magic everywhere!

Why not?

Why do we need to have a reason to move here, there, anywhere? We are not trees, if you feel compelled to want to live anywhere. So the question should not be why did I move here, the question should be why not. It is truly a beautiful magical paradise, wonderful weather year round. Many beautiful wonderful people that I have met along the way. Many beautiful rivers and beaches, like any other place in our beautiful home that is our world, each with its own charm.

There are just no excuses not to come visit or move and live on this beautiful paradise. I will write another blog on the pros and cons of living in Puerto Rico and another post on why everyone should come explore this paradise, because let me tell you, there is so much to explore in such a small island.

Why did i move to puerto rico beautiful beach aguadilla
Would you not move to a paradise like Puerto Rico?

In closing

Moreover, there should not be any excuses to explore and live anywhere in our world. It does not matter that you don’t have friends or family. We can’t fear the unknown, we must embrace it. Because when you live in fear, you never live at all. Spread your wings and fly. Go alone. Enjoy your own company. If you love to live somewhere, don’t dream about it. Take a chance and make it happen. Move where your heart desires. It’s not as easy as I make it sound, I know. But there is always a way. Just like how I will find a way to travel through the world with little money.

Even with being shot I highly recommend coming to Puerto Rico. I am glad I did move to Puerto Rico because if I had stood in Brooklyn, I don’t think I would have evolved the way I have and would have continued to have that concrete mindset. In life we often have to take detours to find the path that we need to go. I continue to look forward to where my next detour will take me. Stay tuned. So please subscribe to my monthly newsletter down below to stay updated.

Have you ever felt like you wanted to move to Puerto Rico or somewhere foreign? What countries would you like to move to? What stops you from doing it?

Please leave comments down below and share. I would love to hear from you all. Subscribe to my monthly newsletter to be up to date with everything radically wild as I plan on sharing my journey in hope to inspire others.

Check out my adventures though Puerto Rico on my youtubes series, Puerto rico is my playground.

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I am the enigmatic free spirited entity known as Jivan, An Earth warrior from Gaia who has grown a connection to our beautiful home that is our mother Gaia and who has grown a deep rooted connection to nature. For in nature, it is when you can truly find your self. For we are nature.

I am on a voyage and journey not only of our beautiful mother, but also of the mind. I believe we should explore the world like how we should explore the mind and unlock all of its hidden treasures to uncover all the beauty that lies dormant.

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