I currently find myself living in the beautiful Paradise that is Puerto Rico. Indeed Puerto Rico is paradise. So much magic everywhere on such a small island. Why I believe everyone should come discover and explore all of this magic as I wrote here. If you do come to Puerto Rico, don’t forget to come take my radically wild tours. Adventures and magic await!

I love to take photos of all the beauty of life around us. I will be sharing more of my photos here on my website.

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About Author

I am the enigmatic free spirited entity known as Jivan, An Earth warrior from Gaia who has grown a connection to our beautiful home that is our mother Gaia and who has grown a deep rooted connection to nature. For in nature, it is when you can truly find your self. For we are nature.

I am on a voyage and journey not only of our beautiful mother, but also of the mind. I believe we should explore the world like how we should explore the mind and unlock all of its hidden treasures to uncover all the beauty that lies dormant.

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